With Yes Weave you can earn as much as an extra £200 – £2000 per month depending on how much time and commitment you are willing to dedicate. Joining Yes Weave’s Affiliate Program allows you to earn not 5% (like almost every affiliate program pays you) but a massive 15% on every sale you make. So if a customer buys a hair bundle for £130, you automatically earn approx £20, simply for referring a new customer through your unique affiliate link. So if you make just 3 sales a day, that’s an amazing £60 a day. Not bad right!

When your earnings reach £50 or $100, you will be paid directly into your paypal account.

What you need

1. An email address

2. A valid paypal account (to receive payments)

3. A passion for selling hair

How To Start

Step 1 –  Register as an Affiliate

Once you register, you will get an email and text message within 24-48 hours confirming your new details and information to get you up and running. Please DO NOT change this link as you will need to use this to earn through us.

Step 2 – Start advertising your unique affiliate link on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other Social Platforms.

Step 3 – Once a customer buys through your link, you immediately earn 15% on every sale. No need to handle any shipping, packaging, delivery or customer queries.

The more you market, the higher your earning potential.

So whether you are simply looking to make a little extra on the side to pay for those monthly expenses, looking to make a full time income or just want to get discounts on your products, Yes Weave has all the options to suit your specific needs.